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Tracking affiliate links
  • Is there a kohana module that implements this? I need to try to track affiliate links from some marketing efforts we will be doing. Basically, URLs will be provided to people and I have to track the clicks. There are some articles on how to do it mostly centered around Wordpress + Google Analytics but I am more interested in doing most of it inside Kohana with simple-ish reports.

    If there is no module, is there some article that explains how to implement this?

    Here is a sample of the Wordpress + Google Analytics "outsourced" tracking


  • Analytics are tricky. What I do is run Piwik along side my application, use Piwik's tracking codes in my templates, and use Piwik's APIs within my application to get the data I need. Piwik is written in PHP so it's pretty easy to integrate; it does a far better job of tracking unique visitors/visits than anything I'd be able to come up with on my own, and its APIs make it super easy to pull out some pretty rich data/reports. You can even have it generate graphs/tables for you.

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