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Kohana CACHE for PHP 5.5 ~
  • Hi, whats news about kohana cache, like apc, memcache u others in php 5.5, for example apc on php 5.5 doesnt work, i must install php-apcu on ubuntu 13.10 for work, so I'm worried for this updates, becouse my websites used a lot of cache apc :( any ideas for new version of kohana to use OPcache that is the news for php 5.5 or other cache... Sorry for my english ( i dont speak english),

  • PHP 5.5's "opcache" is only an opcode cache and not a userland cache, so Kohana works with it just fine without needing any knowledge of it. APCu is a drop-in replacement for APC, and keeps the same PHP API, so Kohana works just fine with it as well.. no changes needed.

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