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Blog Pascal MARTIN: monthly digest of [email protected]
  • Hey all!

    For the last several months, I've been a follower of Pascal Martin's blog. He makes a monthly summary of all the emails that goes in the [email protected] mailing list.

    We all like to know about the next PHP version, but sometimes searching news and reading twitter walls or blogs of well known PHP figures is time consuming. Pascal Martin takes his time to digest all the emails and makes an objective summary out of it, in French. The good news is that, lately, he started doing so also in English!

    I've been waiting for the February summary and it's been 20 days now. Every day going and refreshing his blog several times. Now I am happy the Feb summary is available :) So I thought to share it with you before heading there again to read! Enjoy:

    http://blog.pascal-martin.fr (main blog page)

    http://blog.pascal-martin.fr/post/php-mailing-list-internals-february-2014-en (last post in English)

    http://blog.pascal-martin.fr/feed/tag/english (RSS feed of his English posts)