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Error my site using Kohana
  • Hello, my website is up to now is working normally, but today when I tried to access the website, once we showed up an error that says:,, Fatal error: Call to undefined function __ () in / home/u314703837/public_html/oc / ko322/classes/kohana/kohana/exception.php on line 57. "Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it? Urgent me!

  • In the file APPPATH/bootstrap.php you have to set I18n::lang properly, before defining Kohana::modules, like this:


    Note that I18n classes can not be easily extended via the CFS, because it needs to be defined as soon as possible, so that error messages get displayed in proper language.

    For example, permission errors for cache and logs folders can not be displayed properly, if you have extended your I18n class and defined the language in bootstrap.php after defining your modules.

  • : I deleted the file from my server and put that you have given me, but here's a look at the picture what we now throws: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/22/yw/3Xr26Odn/novagreska.jpg

  • What exactly do I need to do, I do not understand much English because I'm from Serbia.

  • @ixson996, you have to set value for property Cookie::$salt in bootstrap.php


    Cookie::$salt = 'sdfrvn5t7y5vt87t8';
  • Or I do not know how to do it right, or something will. Now it appears a new error that reads: "throw new HTTP_Exception_404('The requested URL :uri was not found on this server.'," It would be best if I give bootstrap.php file, and you need someone to enroll right. If you can also let someone know.

  • @ixson996, if you have error "The requested URL :uri was not found on this server.", it means, what kohana didn't find any routes for current URI or not found controller, which you set in route.

    Check routs

    It would be best if I give bootstrap.php file, and you need someone to enroll right

    It's not right way, you must fix all errors by yourself

  • If I understand you correctly, I need to enter Website URL somewhere. If so, where should I enter the url - which file? I know that I need to fix bugs me, but I do a lot in a hurry because the site became much visited, and now that we will drive away visitors.

  • @ixson996, are you a web developer?

  • No, I did not. I understand a basic fact, but only the most basic things.

  • @ixson996, it means there is no route set for the request uri, so there is no route to a controller and view loaded. Sounds like you're starting a new project in Kohana or all existing uri's changed all of a sudden..

  • Since it seems no one knows how to solve this problem, tell me if you can not change contents of the site if you try to install Kohana again?

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