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take a look at this CMS
  • not sure if Hanami is still being worked on or what the progress is since I havent been following it really, but I ran into this CMS this morning and after a few minutes of looking through the code it seems pretty clean.
    maybe you guys can look through it for ideas, I only looked at how they manage modules and it seems pretty good.
    anyways just throwing that out there....I always enjoy reading through code but im heading to sleep so you guys can review it further if you like =P
    heres the websvn link http://dev.tangocms.org/websvn/listing.php
  • TangoCMS looks pretty good.
    Another good one with a larger following is Frog CMS:
    A port of that to Kohana would be nice :)
  • Dude! That Tangocms's even got ACL out of the box! Neat!
  • maybe someone in here can give a little review of all the php cmss? making a CMS has always been fun for me and I always mess around with the idea even though I know I will probably never actually start a project because in the end, it's just not what I enjoy doing. I much prefer making websites by coding instead of setting up a CMS.

    I dont want reviews of features or how things work on the user side...but of the code and how clean it is and how well it works...limitations...hell maybe we should make a thread just about reviewing and sharing how other applications have implemented things

    There are many bad applications out there...but sometimes I run into a way of implementing a feature that is worth remembering even if the application itself is useless.

    something like the code snippet thread but for implementations other applications developed. so we can all improve as developers.

    the last source I looked at was zombor's ArgentumInvoice and liked how he implemented the email module. http://trac.argentuminvoice.com/browser/trunk/application/hooks/register_modules.php the app uses hooks and events very heavily to plug modules into the main application http://trac.argentuminvoice.com/browser/trunk/modules/argentum/email/hooks/send_email.php

    anyways, we could share implementations from any kind of application, Kohana or not. Many times I see how someone else implements something and it just solves so many problems I had in my mind that I wasn't even trying to solve and it motivates me to continue an old project or improve my own implementations.

  • spam alert ^

  • Removed :)

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