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[SOLVED] "PCRE has not been compiled with Unicode property support."
  • Hi guys,
    I'm trying to get a pass on the install.php test for the PCRE. I'm using kohana 3.0 rc3 base.

    I installed the latest version of PCRE, installed with the following flags:
    ./configure --enable-utf8 --enable-unicode-properties
    Then reboot the machine, re-install the latest version of php and reboot again.

    However, I still can't pass the PCRE test, I get the error:
    PCRE has not been compiled with Unicode property support.

    If I do:
    pcretest -C

    I get the following output:
    PCRE version 7.9 2009-04-11
    Compiled with
    UTF-8 support
    Unicode properties support
    Newline sequence is LF
    \R matches all Unicode newlines
    Internal link size = 2
    POSIX malloc threshold = 10
    Default match limit = 10000000
    Default recursion depth limit = 10000000
    Match recursion uses stack

    Clearly PCRE is installed correctly. Is there some other step I need to do with PHP?
  • Turns out you need to recompile php after installing a new version of PCRE... However due to a php bug you need to remove this line when you config:
    and add this line:

    Then run:
    $ make clean
    $ make
    $ make install
    $ /etc/init.d/httpd restart

    If you don't php will continue to load the old library.
  • I'm experiencing the "PCRE has not been compiled with Unicode property support." warning, and I'm not an advanced command-line guy. I've installed PCRE, but seem to be getting hung up and the obvious stuff. Maybe you could point me in the right direction.

    I can't seem to figure out where to run the './configure' command, or where to run the 'make' commands to recompile php. Does this vary from server to server? If I could just figure out how to re-compile my php with the pcre stuff I think I'd be set.

    You also mentioned "...you need to remove this line when you config..." I don't really know what you mean by 'when you config'.

    I think my issues are probably obvious to someone who know their way around UNIX better, but I can't even search in Google for the right things it seems, so any help at all is appreciated. Thanks!
  • Hi,
    I'm a linux noob but it's relatively easy to do this. You will need to download php to your server and recompile it.

    I recommend googling how to install php on linux for good documentation. Here are some good links with information and walk throughs:

    However, this is what you need to do:

    - create a page on your server with at the top
    - open the page in a web browser
    - copy the ./configure section at the top
    - remove all the single quotes from that text block
    - remove anything like "--with-pcre-regex=/usr"
    - add "--enable-utf8" (without the quotes)

    - ssh into your server as root
    - download a new version of php, ex: wget [php url here]
    - untar the file
    - change to that directory
    - then run the ./configure block from above
    - run make clean
    - run make
    - run make install
    - copy over php.ini from the source directory to your server's php install directory and edit is as necessary
    - reload apache (or you may need to reboot the server)

    You may run into issues like I did such as "apxs was not found" - basically you may need to install some additional dependencies.
    So I had to run commands like: yum install httpd-devel
    ... several times for various dependencies and then run ./configure again...

    For the exact syntax if you run into any issues trying to compile php check out these links:
  • Can someone help me with this error when trying to run ./configure

    configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

  • ^ Do you have gcc and related tools installed?

    Which distribution do you use?

  • I've installed Xcode tools (from my OSX dvd). I'm running OSX 10.6 (Sorry but I'm a noob at things like these...)

  • Sorry, no special OSX expirience :(

    You have to install source compiler and builder tool. Don't know what is OSX using...

    Hope you'll solve the problem.

  • @jonnyjon: You rock. I spent hours on this problem before finding this thread. It was so aggravating doing compile after compile after compile.

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