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Websites Built Using Kohana
  • This was a post in the old forum so, to see the progression of Kohana apps I put it back here.



    Geert De Deckere

    http://www.kohanajobs.com/ (Official Kohana job board)
    http://www.idoe.be/ (Personal company/portfolio)
    http://www.natuurlijkewijnen.be/ (Natural wines webshop)
    http://www.fietsenkris.be/ (Bicycle shop)


    http://www.tslarmor.com (A limited edition collection of handmade sterling silver jewelry designed by the The Seventh Letter Crew.)




    http://04064.com/ (A showcase of mGee amateur photography)
  • Just to add my two cents :-)


    http://jisc-casper.org (Government support and information site for electronic publication copyright issues)

    Initial phase live now, next phase launching in a couple of days

  • Now it's my turn ;)

    http://www.s7n.de/ (CMS, Kohana Powered)
  • Front-end was built by someone else, but, all the dynamic content is powered by an admin system I built on Kohana:


    My personal site, which isn't quite done yet:

  • Another one to the basket Logicbox Web Studio
  • Very nice site alexsancho!
  • We just finished our first project based on Kohana. Thx for this great framework, we will use it in our future projects too.


    It's fully unobtrusive javascript (jQuery based) and flash on client side. Unfortunately it has only hungarian language, but the next project for the grundig-electronics will be multilingual.
  • A site for the architecture/design collective my brother and I started. Integrated with wordpress, and uses a bunch of jquery. Thanks Kohana!

  • Posted By: alexsancho

    Another one to the basketLogicbox Web Studio

    You should change the text on the bottom to *not* valid XHTML ;)
  • hum? the markup is 100% xhtml 1.0 strict, so can you explain why i should not claim it?
  • Posted By: alexsancho

    hum? the markup is 100% xhtml 1.0 strict, so can you explain why i should not claim it?

    Because it wasn't when I posted that comment. Both my firefox plugin and the validator website said so ;)
  • your browser was lying you :P, i haven't made any change to the markup
  • Posted By: alexsancho

    hum? the markup is 100% xhtml 1.0 strict, so can you explain why i should not claim it?

    Some of the pages aren't valid XHTML, for example look at the contact page
  • k fixed, thanks
  • TBH, claiming 100% xhtml 1.0 strict markup validation isn't the be all and end all of the situation. It may have been important four years ago, but today I think accessibility and usability far outstrip whether a page validates as xhtml 1.0 strict.

  • Once again, please don't quote full posts, especially posts directly above your reply. Thanks, -Shadowhand

    Isn't this the way it should have been in the first place
  • Maybe the best of the best should be shown off on Kohana's homepage?
  • My Fleximus Website is powered by Kohana. Kudos to the dev team!
  • my first kohana website
    (now without the security details displayed in the error message! - an error message which incidentally was due to the server running out of disk space for reasons entirely unrelated to kohana code!)
  • @atomless: you're displaying error message to visitors and it crashes when connecting to the database so you're password is visible to All!
    mysql_connect( roddimusprime:, root, *******, 1 ) Thought I'd let you know before someone not so nice lets you know.
  • thanks allain!

    It might be better if kohana displayed passwords as stars in error messages!!??
  • Those errors come from the stack trace I think, so it would be hard and resources consuming to parse the messages, find passwords and replace them with stars.
  • Site is currently down.

  • Posted By: atomless

    thanks allain!

    It might be better if kohana displayed passwords as stars in error messages!!??

    I know SVN kohana removes the password from the config array after it connects, im not sure about 2.1.
  • Picsviewr: it allows you to view Flickr photos with different "templates". Some are Flash-based, others are HTML-Javascript. Give it a try :)
  • Edy-B(Log): Running S7Ncms with Kohana SVN r2873.
  • www.cupiber.com Natural Stones

    www.i3w.biz Web Site design

    htec.i3w.biz Technology information Site
  • I just put up an iPhone application powered by Kohana. You can view it in Safari or on the iPhone/iPod Touch. You won't see much with Firefox 2, IE < 10.

  • I launched my first Kohana powered site today, http://mitchellbrosbuilders.com.au/
  • Our new designed company website powered by Kohana!

  • The new version of crafts collection has been online for a while though still not not fully loaded with data yet. And there will be a news section soon.

  • Shadowhand, have you made any sites?
  • @brettalton: Several, but most are admin-type applications that I can't show the world.

    In about two weeks, I will be launching the new website for my company, replacing the current site. There is a beta version that is in testing right now.

  • Posted By: alexsancho

    Another one to the basketLogicbox Web Studio

    Alex: the site showing to everybody the debug at the bottom
  • My First Kohana Site

  • Posted By: bobs

    My First Kohana Site


    hey bobs,

    looked at the site and I noticed one or two errors:

    - About Us page "Lets open mind with ...." should read "Lets open minds with ..."
    - menu option "our client" should read "our clients"

    I suggest you remove the splash screen completely as most people dont like them and maybe changing the "About Us" button to "Home" as its a little confusing. I hope this helps.

  • Here is a the beta realease of one of the sites I have been working on, I am still working out browser and validation issues but give it a check...

  • We at Fail Ltd http://designbyfail.com/ are very proud to announce that our very first Kohana website project has come to fruition: http://sustainedtheatre.org.uk/
    Following up on that:
  • Andrew Zimmern has just been rebuilt using Kohana. At this point, it's primarily a static-content site, but will be come more dynamic in stages over the next several months.

  • http://www.manga-lib.pl - Manga Library
  • http://myspacedl.com/ - listen, download
    http://myspacedl.com/user/caioariede - and create your player with your favorite artists from myspace.

    I upgrade to Kohana 2.2 yesterday.
  • launched the 1st of august: http://www.songteksten.net

    One of the largest lyrics sites of the netherlands ;)
  • http://www.webeditors.com

    Pretty much an easy site - nothing really fancy yet. I did forced everything through one controller and put a lot of stuff in the DB. I am using Kohana & Zend Together.

    There was a post on this forum by Dave Stewart that got me back to Kohana - http://forum.kohanaphp.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=710&page=1#Item_4 - The cascading system is the bomb and having a full understanding of this one feature makes it very easy to choose a framework.

    Anyways, I can not say how happy I am with Kohana, very well built and thought out.

    Thank you Kohana and more to come with this fabulous framework - it is now our company standard.
  • MerryRibbon.com - not everything works properly yet, but I've launched it discreetly today.
  • @gregloby: very nice site! One suggestion would be to increase the jpeg quality of the image in your home page to look more "smooth"
  • i really like it gregloby, very nice site! great colors used throughout.
  • http://www.riepe.com | hotels (german part much nicer/larger)
    http://www.best-in-process.de | process engineering

    My first comment, yeah :-)
  • affiliate program for pass4sure
    building now ...

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