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Dutch developers capable of building KO3 apps
  • Hello All,

    I would like to have a couple of Dutch PHP/MySql/KO3 guru's in my network who are able to work with me on a project basis. I'm looking at a gig for a custom application and need to get a quote for the coding part from preferably a Dutch rock solid coder or two.

    I'll handle the design, UI, html and css myself.

    Please send an email with some first info to "info *at* alvaana *dot* com" if you would like me to contact you when I'm in need for a coding partner.
  • Remember to post on KohanaJobs too!

  • Thanks Shadowhand, I'll have a look over there
  • Seventeen jobs listed currently. Must be an all-time high. Woot!

  • Belgium is ok too Geert :-)
  • I'm a dutch developer and use Kohana for all my projects. Although I don't have time to currently work on a large app, I would like to know what it's all about and may be able to help here and there...!
  • Thanks Willem, it would be a great start to be able to talk to you :-).

    Can you please shoot an email to "info *at* alvaana *dot* com" with your contact details so I can send you mine or get in touch by mail/phone/skype?

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