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Removal of Media Module from the Core
  • Listening to the developers speak about this module in IRC you'd think it's useless. Personally, I like the convenience of having my CSS and JS packed and joined even at the cost of a slightly slower load time, but I think I'm a member of a very small minority.

    If the developers think so little of this module, then we should move it to the modules repository.

    All in favour?
  • Wouldn't mind to see it moved to somewhere else. I stopped using it a long time ago.

    One additional thing that I would like to point out about the media module's CSS compressor is that it is not 100% foolproof (and neither is YUI CSS Compressor). The thing is that generated content is not taken into account. Also see my comment on http://regexadvice.com/blogs/mash/archive/2008/03/27/Additional-CSS-minifying-regex-patterns.aspx
  • I would never describe it as useless ;) but it certainly has caused a bit of confusion, and for that reason alone, I would agree it be moved to modules. Edit: Errmm ... this is already in the modules repository, as a selectable download. It's not in core really. Where else could it go?

  • I don't belive that the module should be removed, only reviewed, it's really usefull on some situations, maybe it can be merged with the one i've posted some days ago making it more flexible.
  • IMO it should be moved as a module cause it's a feature that most developers won't use.
  • I think, a good usage is to rewrite *.css via .htaccess for packing and compression. A cached file is given, otherwise the *.css ist passed through or something
  • this is a valid method when you use apache as webserver, invalid if your server uses a different one, isn't it?
  • @dyron: sample .htaccess file?
  • http://code.google.com/p/kohanamodules/source/browse is the module repository I'm thinking of. Until something with the official seal gets developed.
  • Hi.

    If the media module gets phased out, what other recommended methods for packing and minifying, which work well with Kohana?

  • syrenity try the assets module by alexsancho... it's pretty good
  • Thanks, I already took it from there.

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