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Resources for learning Kohana
  • @d4m3k don't ask - test another, each chooses for himself. grow up :) for me kohana is golden middle of frameworks on php. p.s. read book about ruby.

  • @WinterSilence

    kohana for me is great framework ;) I was just a lil bit worried.

    you recommended ruby? python => django isnt better ?

  • @d4m3k PHP dont have full support OOP, Ruby is more convenient. But most of CMS with whom I work are written on PHP, so far Ruby is my hobby. Kohana is best solution for small and middle project, if you are planning large projects teach Zend.

  • Kohana seems to be doing just fine. From these boards it seems that it's caught on more with Russian-language developers than others, but it's doing just fine, albeit quietly. Fuel seems to be the trendy framework nowadays, if you're looking for popularity.

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