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    Very Frequently Asked Questions: (In progress)

    1. When will 2.3 be released? This version was released on December 19 2008. Please see this thread for more infomation
    2. When will 2.4 be released? Approximately 6 months after 2.3 release. Official word is Nine Nine 2009
    3. When will 3.0 be released? Approximately 6 - 12 months after January 2009. Official word is now September sixteen 2009 (was 9/9/09)
    4. Is Kohana production ready? Yes.
    5. I have read the user guide but am still uncertain, where can I find source code for a working application? The Kohana website code is available (includes css, templating, authentication, paypal, feeds etc) Also numerous modules are available which contain high quality code (flot, kodoc, shoutbox, gmaps etc) zombor has generously made a production application available, which is based on Kohana 2.3.4
    6. The svn version has a bunch of major changes from released version. Why do you guys keep changing things? Briefly, backwards incompatible changes are made for new major releases, when evidence shows a compelling case the change will benefit the developer, long term.
  • The easiest way to go to the #kohana on freenode is using Freenodes Web Access. Just type a user name and put 'kohana' in the second field. ;)

    The best way to make an irc channel would be using Mibbit.com It can even make a widget of the channel and be on a separate webpage on the Kohana website.

  • Thanks for the mention. The article itself shows that you put a great deal of care into your work it training

    Thanks for sharing all these links and informative stuff.
  • Please don't excuse you on every single post. Most of us aren't native english speaker, but if we don't understand you, we'll ask!
  • So, I was told that Kohana PHP was a good framework to start with. I tried to follow the Blog tutorial, but it is not compatible with 3.0. How can I learn how to use the framework if the tutorials aren't even up to date?
  • So, I was told that Kohana PHP was a good framework to start with

    I love it but I'm not sure it is. It is best suited for people who know and understand PHP and MVC well already and who are prepared to read the source code to find out how things work rather than have a step-by-step guide for every possible thing.

    That said, the community tries it's best to help new users find resources that will help them learn.

    It sounds like you (quite understandably) haven't discovered the version issues that Kohana has at present. Basically Kohana 2.x and 3.0 are completely different frameworks with completely separate (and varying quality) documentation. learn.kohanaphp.com is very out of date and has been complained about a lot but no one has written anything more for it. It has nothing relevant to KO3 specifically.

    Your best bet is to either learn KOhana 2.x which has more complete docs or to read through the user guide which comes as a module in KO3, failing that, search these forums and you should find loads of posts about where the best example code etc. can be found.

    If you have specific questions, please search the forums as they have probably be asked and answered well already.

    I hope you can get to grips with what is definitely one of the best PHP frameworks around. If you don't have a strong background in PHP/programming and/or feel you want much more assistance then you may be better off starting with another framework who aren't having the growing/diverging code base issues Kohana is for the moment (and have corporate sponsors :-) and so have clearer docs.

  • I can not to insert a link to my post of the forum.
    What proper syntax for it?
    The simples from Vanilla Manual is not works!
  • Markdown was broken by the recent forum upgrade.

    Use html for now

    <a href="http://google.com">google<a> will become google
  • Just a suggestion: please improve the bottom pagination in long threads, with this style we dont know which is the current page.

  • Please add some specifics about what types of topics are permitted and in what forum category.

  • My notifications don't work anymore. I used this to quickly see if anyone mentioned me in a comment or replied in one of my threads. What exactly happened and is this on purpose??

  • Yes, I'm not getting notifications either.
    Also, is there a way for suscribing/following a thread?

  • Also, is there a way for suscribing/following a thread?

    Unless you're the thread starter, No. -.-

  • Unless you're the thread starter, No. -.-

    we should change that :(

  • @enridp

    What I meant is thread starters automatically get notified of posts, but there isn't actually a "subscribtion" feature, so to change it is not so simple.

  • Here's our forums: https://github.com/kohana/Garden

    Have fun :)

  • I don't know vanilla, but it seems like changing the code for adding this feature is like reinventing the wheel, I'm pretty sure there is some plugin/addon somewhere.
    I was searching a bit, and I think the "start" in the top-right corner (Bookmark) is for following the thread.

  • LOL, some great usability sense they have. >.>

  • I can confirm it, clicking the star (that is, bookmarking the discussion) you will receive notifications !

  • The same to you.

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