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Kohana PHP 3.0 (KO3) Tutorial Part 8
  • In the 8th part of my Kohana PHP 3 tutorial series, I go over modules. http://tk2.us/ko3-8
  • thank you very much for your series of tutorial, but is it possible to give us a quick tutorial on authentication module / session / validation kohana 3.0.7
  • What has happened to dealtaker.com????? this is now just a crappy add site!

  • DealTaker was always an "ad" site - actually it's coupons and sales. But anyways, I haven't worked with them for a couple years and the developers that replaced use weren't very smart and never fixed it.

  • Yeah seems that content is not accessible at all at this point. We should make an effort to point the relevant links in the docs to another version of the same stuff. Are you able to add your work to the userguide and submit a pull request for the team to review, ellisgl?

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