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What should Hanami do out of the box ?
  • Hanami aims at being a good starting point for your next cms project.
    What should Hanami do out of the box ? what is your 'wet dream' for a CMS starting point?
  • Im confused, so is it a CMS or is it a group of libraries.

    If its libraries you build the main dependencies (template system/form class)

    If its a CMS id prob do the same thing :P.

    Well actually it needs to be planned out, then work on the DB schema then work on slowly work on the code, doing one class at a time (or atleast that is what i would do).
  • i'd like to see
    * static pages with basic version control (restoring pages, seeing whats changed, ..)
    * hierarchical pages (for example a page about photography (/page/photography) and its 'children' pages (aperture (/page/photography/aperture), HDR (/page/photography/HDR), ...))
  • @ schnoodles, I understand your confusion. I think the way out is to:

    • first agree on a goal or mission statement. please discuss here
    • then agree on a how to get to the goal. witch is the hard part 'the actual plan'. What needs to be built first and why? and so on...
  • Use nested seats page structure as in urls. like page/subpage/sub
  • There is main plan to create a base modules and some implementations (like blog, content module, discussion board etc).

    After this we can make full-featured cms with installation scripts. But this cms (for example it can be plugged as module) should be changed easily, cause it's not internal to Hanami modules.
  • So Hanami is a collection of modules? No, i think this should a CMS as is.
  • Its has to be a CMS per se... but not so rigid i guess if we have the "CMS standard modules" and administration panel... its gonna be a pretty good starting point.

    Then extending the modules, we can make forums, gallerys, etc.

    I came from Joomla... and they do the inverse path, they are a CMS converted in a framework... but basically its a CMS / blog / gallery / etc.

    Just my 2 cents
  • I'd like to see good clear use of design principals like the factory and singleton method and minimal addons such as blogs and forums. I like to extend something myself. If I need a forum or blog I tend to use Drupal.

    But that's just me.
  • rimian ++
    Please dont build another wordpress, drupal, etc.
  • $rimian++;

  • edit: wrong thread :)
  • Yes you wouldn't want another one. That's what I meant. :)
  • This is not realy related to hanami but to thier included/future grown module.

    See Why *not* remove core.allow_config_set?

    This means we should create an *trusted* pool of supported modules and mark secure respectively.

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