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What should the Hanami 'Master plan' look like?
  • Once we have defined what Hanami should do.

    What is the best way to get there? How do we do it? This tread is for discussing the actual work we need to do in order to realise the goal. What is our master plan? Can we lay out some milestones? Break the problem down into smaller assignments that people can commit to?

  • Well, my plans of the near future:

    • DB layout
    • Discuss/decide of using ORM, Auto_Modeler_ORM, CRUD, ...
    • Need of the HEAD Class
    • Modules
      • Auth
      • Hanami
      • static pages (versioned)
    • "content" modules/plugins
      • Blog
      • Gallery
      • Forum
      • Shop
      • Portfolio
      • ...