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KO2.x: Pagination with header sorting
  • Hello, i tried to search the forum but i did not find anything; any1 knows if there is a tutorial or an example on how to use kohana pagination and make the header labels sorting the column?

  • Here is a template for you, I must say that pagination has nothing to do with header sorting.<?php

    class Controller_Welcome extends Controller {

    public function action_index()
    $page = new Pagination;

    $total_rows = TRUE;

    $data = Model::factroy('welcome')
    ->lists($_GET, $page->offset, $page->items_per_page, $total_rows);

    $page->total_items = $total_rows;

    $this->response = View::factory('welcome', array(
    'pagination' => $page,
    'data' => $data

    class Model_Welcome extends Model {

    public function lists(array $params, $page_from = 0, $page_offset = 8, & $total_rows = FALSE)
    $sql = 'FROM `table` ';

    // Customize where from params
    //$sql .= 'WHERE ... '

    // caculte the total rows
    if($total_rows === TRUE)
    $total_rows = $this->_db->query(Database::SELECT,
    'SELECT COUNT(`issue_id`) num_rows '.$sql

    if($total_rows == 0)
    return array();

    // Customize order by from params
    if( ! empty($params['order']))
    $sql .= 'ORDER BY '.$params['orderby'];
    if(empty($params['by']) $sql .= ' ASC'
    else $sql .= strtolower($params['by']) === 'desc' ? ' DESC' : ' ASC';

    $sql .= " LIMIT $page_from, $page_offset";

    return $this->_db->query(Database::SELECT, 'SELECT * '.$sql);


    <th>No.</th><th><a href="<?php
    $_GET['by'] = (empty($_GET['by']) OR $_GET['by'] === 'desc') ? 'asc' : 'desc';
    $_GET['order'] = 'foo';
    echo $page->url($page->current_page);
    ?>" title="">Foo</th><th><a href="<?php
    $_GET['order'] = 'bar';
    echo $page->url($page->current_page);
    ?>" title="">bar</th>
  • Thank you, but this seems to me your version of pagination. Kohana 2.x has already pagination included, i wonder if there is a tutorial using kohana pagination lib. Anyway thanks i will try to adapt your solution to kohana 2.x pagination.

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