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KO3 Upload and server permissions
  • Hi,
    I am at a total impass with my production server when uploading files to the server. Everything is OK on localhost, but for some reason I can't figure this out. I set the folder to upload files to to have the same user and group that the server is running with (apache:apache) and set the folder permissions to 777 but it just won't upload and fails silently. Any ideas?
  • Are any errors written to your Kohana logs or your Apache logs?
  • Figured it out, just needed to get the latest version of the script and everything worked fine. One thing that I can't work out though is because I have to set upload folder permissions to 0777 and the user:group to apache:apache (user and group running the web server) I can't use my normal ftp (Transmit user/group is ftpusername/psaserv) client to upload files or overwrite existing files in that directory. Do you know how I can set up the folder so that all the php functions work and I can still access everything normally via ftp? Any ideas would be great.
  • It's just weird having to change permissions on a server directory to make a php script work and then change it to an ftp user account to manually access and manipulate data. There surely is a better way...

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