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I thought I had this... UNDEFINED VARIABLE
  • I have copied this code from code which works and just changed the variables, but it doesn't seem to be passing the variable to the view to be accessed:

    class Controller_Cast extends Controller_DefaultTemplate {

    protected $cast;

    public function before()

    //$this->request = Request::instance();
    $this->cast = new Model_Cast;

    public function action_index()
    $data = array();
    $data['cast_main'] = $this->cast->get_main_cast();

    $this->template->content = View::factory('pages/cast_index');

    * Get all the main characters
    * @return ARRAY
    public function get_main_cast()
    $query = DB::select('id', 'first_name', 'last_name')

    return $query;

    foreach ($cast_main as $mc)
    echo $mc['first_name'] ." ". $mc['last_name'];
    //echo Database::instance()->last_query;

    PS. The query functions correctly -- please help.

  • $data['cast_main'];

    This doesn't seem to be passed to your view.

    $this->template->content = View::factory('pages/cast_index')->set('cast_main', $this->cast->get_main_cast());

  • Thanks for the reply xenakis, but what you have put is not how the other one is set which works...

    $data['s1_episodes'] = $this->episode->get_s1_episodes();
  • Hi:

    I dont' know If I understand correctly, but you can do this:

    $data = array();
    $data['cast_main'] = $this->cast->get_main_cast();
    $data['s1_episodes'] = $this->episode->get_s1_episodes();

    $this->template->content = View::factory('pages/cast_index', $data);

    You can access the data by array key, ej:
    foreach ($cast_main as $mc) echo "loop1<br />";
    foreach ($s1_episodes as $ep) echo "loop2<br />";


  • Thanks for the reply xenakis, but what you have put is not how the other one is set which works...

    $data['s1_episodes'] = $this->episode->get_s1_episodes();

    You need to improve your debugging skills. Xenakis' analysis is correct. There is more to it than the line you quote here. It is a simple matter to compare code A with code B and deal with the differences.
  • Thanks blabla, I knew all I needed was another pair of eyes -- I was missing the $data when writing the view code in the controller.

    I realise that it was just a matter of debugging, but I do not post anywhere asking for help unless necessary, and I had been staring and comparing for a few hours while working on my actual job. All I was saying in my reply was that the example code was not the same as in the controller that worked.

    Thanks all.

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