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hanami progress
  • Hello I'm mkjems the lead of the Hanami project To all the people following the Hanami project I just want to say that I'm currently shutting down my one man company and looking for a job in the Danish web industry. Things are a bit chaotic at the moment. So even though I really really really want to work on Hanami I'm forced to prioritise finding a job. Which is why I'm not so active at the moment. I'm hopping that this wont take to long... Does this mean that I wont be working on Hanami ? No no.. just low intensity for my part at the moment. I'm just posting this so that you guys know what's going on...

  • Well, besides my bachelor exams i haven't all the time, too. I hope i can leave a little input on some things.
  • mkjems, I'm shocked you're letting a little thing like making a living interfere with this Grand Project!
  • RastaTech, u is funny man.

  • OpenSouce seems to have become the starving artist of the tech world :(
  • Hey mkjems, greetings from an Icelander living in Denmark.

    I've actually been thinking about starting a one man company in the near future. :)

    Have you found a job yet?

  • Hey guys, what's up? Why is the progress stoping? no one interested in anymore?
  • I think everyone is interested in this, but these guys, who are so good developpers to create something like this, are to busy, aren't they? :-)
  • Well, 1.5 weeks of exams left... I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    I think, there is so much to declare:

    • module (base functionality) - plugin (module + user level app controllers) - everyone accept that definition?
    • auth / acl?
    • DB layout?
    • needed base modules?
    • where to put the css/image/js files?
    • need of dlibs Head lib or our "own" Page lib?
    • CRUD controller or lib?
    • in-model-validation (automodeler)
    • static website menu? dynamic? module based? config file based? db based?
    • ...

    I don't know where to start at this time (if i have the time). Maybe some things are clear, except for me. Others hasn't talked about yet.
    My feelings are that some haven't that motivation as at the beginning.

    Keep on track, this CMS would be great! Hopefully great as Kohana is *praise* ;)

    My 0.02 €
  • By my opinion the first should be DB layout. I would like to see in each table: * id (PK) * lang (PK) * active * date_created * date_modified * author_created (FK) * author_modified (FK)

    The active column would be boolean - if it'd be true, this record would be visible on the frontend, if false, it wouldn't. The other cols should be clear from their names. And according to the each module, there will be other optional columns, like title, date, body, some FKs etc, which I could set in the config of each module.

  • My opinions:

    * module (base functionality) - plugin (module + user level app controllers) - everyone accept that definition?
    yes commonly good scheme, but we should accept 'scopes' of module and app controllers. Some variants:
    - app controllers extend controllers from module folder ( I like it, for base functionality we just extend 'base' controller )
    - module contains libraries, that handle visual part of application (something like sub-controllers)
    - module contains 'real' libraries, that ease routine, but main logic is in app controllers

    * auth / acl?
    I currently use zend_acl(ported on Kohana) + standart auth module, it's quite good for my personal use.
    Cons: it's not one user management library (it would be more comfortable), zend_acl use serialized acl rules, which are stored in one database row, this is not good for everithing.

    * needed base modules?
    Yes, it would be auth/acl module, form creation module (if we will use it, it can be Forge, but also it can be Formation library)

    to be continued....:)
  • is there anybody living?
  • I check Hanami progress every day, but... it seems to be dead :-(
    It's a pitty, because that was great idea!
  • hi - mkjems is on vacation (it's summer after all...)
    Spoke with him recently about hanami - and it's NOT dead. Check back in a week or so.
  • While i'm on "half" vacation, too. I'll forgot most hanami stuff on my desktop at home thinking i had updated my hanami branch completly. Besides i'm working on my bachelor thesis...

    I have some thoughts about hanami, but it's better to discuss this when some hanami guys are back ;)
  • Truthfully you should start an IRC channel i always find that is the best way for communication as its actually real-time :) (if the person isnt idle)
  • OK - I'm looking forward to see progress of Hanami :-)
  • #hanami @ freenode is free ;)
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm back.. My vacation is over and I found a great new job at www.issuu.com, so I will hopefull have some time to work on Hanami. Im thinking an hour a day or something like that...

  • WOW, he's alive =) Great to see you back.
  • i'm back too and can add my hour a day :)
  • are you alive guys?
  • Does anybody work on Hanami?? :'(

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