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Simple shopping cart module to share? (KO3)
  • Hi,

    I'm fairly new to Kohana, but love it and have got the hang of the basics. One thing I'm missing in my project is a very simple shopping cart (i.e. needs no more than add to/remove from/update/destroy cart). Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, it would be a huge help if somebody who has already made a working native Kohana shopping cart could share it. I've seen plenty of posts on this forum asking for the same thing, so it could be of huge use to the community.

    The alternative for me is to code one myself (and I'm not good enough to do that quickly or reliably), to integrate a 3rd party class (haven't managed to find a good one), or to abandon Kohana and learn CodeIgniter or similar (really don't want to do that - Kohana is great).

    Thanks in advance, and grateful for any help.


  • As far as I know, zombor is coding a lightweight shopping cart though it's in the early stages (http://github.com/zombor/Vendo).
  • Thanks - that project looks great. But it seems to be incomplete so far (not at a usuable stage?).

    If somebody has one, it doesn't even need to be that complicated - just a one file class with the add/delete/update/destroy function would be enough!
  • Hi zombor (Jeremy?),

    Thanks for getting in touch. You're right, I didn't look hard enough! I should be able to reuse that code to make something for my needs - thank you.

    Incidentally, how far along is the project? When do you expect it to be complete? I'm sure there's a lot of users who will be very happy when you release.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi zonbor,

    I am new in kohana framework and I'm going to implement a shopping cart module. I tried to click the link above but its not existing now.

    Can you please help me point some tutorials or existing shopping cart implementation using kohana orm approach. This could be a big help for someone like me who just started to learn mvc.



  • thanks zombor. I appreciate it.

  • Hi zombor,

    I have implement the athorize.nt payment module but I get an error in modules/payment/libraries/drivers/Payment/Authorize.php-it says Undefined index: curl_config.

    How do I set this curl_config?



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