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KO3 K03 Image library - Installed GD does not support images
  • Hi,

    I can't find any documentation on the KO3 image library version so I'm assuming it will work the same as the previous one.

    I'm using Image::factory($filename)..... etc.

    However, I'm getting this error message - Installed GD does not support images - even though I've used the old kohana 2.x image library with no problems in the same hosting environment.

    What gives? :)
  • What's the actual error?
  • The complete error is:

    'Kohana_Exception [ 0 ]: Installed GD does not support images'

    and underneath it says:

    'MODPATH/image/classes/kohana/image/gd.php [ 553 ]'
  • You're calling save but not defining a filename with an extension, so Image/GD does not know how you want the file saved. There is supposed to be a "type" value, as in "Installed GD does not support PNG images", but apparently the file you are saving as has no extension.
  • Thanks shadow, that makes sense now

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