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Kohana 3 oauth 2.0 server and client module
  • First of all, it's not my module nor is any code that is in it. I just stumbled uppon it while searching the internet for a good kohana 3 oauth 2.0 integration module. I found the oauth2.0-php on google code, which functions nice but is not really orientated to be integrated in a framework such as kohana. Anyways, so far it has integrated a large portion of the library I think, I personally just don't fully understand all workings yet but that has to do with my understanding and knowledge of oauth 2.0 in general as well.


    I don't fully understand his db layout though. It uses servers, clients, audits and tokens. So far all libs I found just used tokens and clients, so what are the other tables for?

    Kind regards,
  • I have left some words in response your issue.

    I'll write some doc and a complete demo for it after I finish this module. If you deadly want to have a try, please let me know. I'll try to handle it ASAP.
  • I'd love to! I am already trying some stuff in the module as we speak, cause I am really excited about it!
  • @slaaitjuh: Have you found solution of Oauth 2.0 server and client module in Kohana 3? Actually, now I am facing problem of Unauthorized Access Token and honestly, I don't have much idea of how to implement OAuth 2.1 i.e Youtube API with Kohana. Could you please give me some tip?

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