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Relationship attributes and ORM
  • I'm making a website for managing an indoor football team (or indoor soccer, depending on where you live ;) ). For this I have 2 tables: "matches" and "players"

    They are related to eachother, because (obviously) players can play in matches. This is a many-to-many relation. So far, this is pretty simple for an ORM newbie like me :p. However, the relationship also has attributes. For example the position attribute. Every player has a position which can change each match (goalkeeper, regular player, coach, ..).

    My database looks something like this:

    matches match_id, home, visitor, home_score, visitor_score, date

    players player_id, user_id

    users user_id, name, ...

    matches_players match_id, player_id, position

    My code looks like this.

    <?php class Model_Match extends ORM { protected $_table_name = "matches"; protected $_primary_key = 'match_id'; protected $_has_many = array('players' => array('model' => 'player', 'through' => 'matches_players')); } class Model_Player extends ORM { protected $_table_name = "players"; protected $_primary_key = 'player_id'; protected $_has_many = array('matches' => array('model' => 'match', 'through' => 'matches_players')); protected $_has_one = array('user' => array('model' => 'user', 'foreign_key' => 'user_id')); } class Model_Match_Spelers extends ORM { protected $_table_name = "matches_players"; protected $_belongs_to = array('match' => array('model' => 'match', 'foreign_key' => 'match_id'), 'player' => array('model' => 'player', 'foreign_key' => 'player_id')) } ?>

    When I need info about a player, I can access it with:

    $match = ORM::factory("match", $matchID); $match->players->find_all() foreach($match->players AS $player){ echo $player->user->name; }

    Now my question is. How can I access the position attribute of the matches_players relation? Is there an easy way to do this through ORM?

  • Try sth like this (don't know it's working, but seems to be logically): $player->matches->where('match_id', '=', $matchID)->find()->position

  • After thinking this through a bit more, I think the main problem is my db design.

    I don't think I should see a player as a part of a many-to-many relation, but more as the many-side in a one-to-many relation and make it dependant on the match.

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