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Learning Kohana. Where to start?
  • Hi, Are there any books to learn about Kohana? I found the documentation not much user friendly, lacks samples.

    Where to start? How to become a Kohana ninja?

    Please provide any book titles, resources.


  • Source Code FTW!

  • :( ok then.

  • Turn that frown upside down! (:

    Kohana is very well commented and it's generally quite easy to walk through the code

  • @BRMatt I've just started using kohana, I've got the latest version and my list of records from my user table just won't show. the Model::__constructor can't be called from within my Model's constructor, ie: "parent::__constructor" isn't working. so none of my list/read/etc. methods in which I query the db works cos it says the variable $this->db does not exist, some pages say I should set the protected variable "$this->db = 'db_name'", in the constructor of my model class, but i don't see how the variable is going to make any difference since I've already specified the db_name in the database.php file and the variable is accessed as an instance of some class later on in the class definition

    this is how my database.php file looks:

    $config['default'] = array  
        'benchmark'     => TRUE,  
        'persistent'    => FALSE,  
        'connection'    => array  
            'type'     => 'mysql',  
            'user'     => 'user_name',  
            'pass'     => 'pwd',  
            'host'     => 'localhost',  
            'port'     => '3306',  
            'socket'   => FALSE,  
            'database' => 'db_name'  
        'character_set' => 'utf8',  
        'table_prefix'  => '',  
        'object'        => TRUE,  
        'cache'         => FALSE,  
        'escape'        => TRUE 
  • $this->_db was moved from Model to Model_Database.

  • My favourite place to recommend people to start is the request flow page. Even if it all does not make sense initially, it's a good overview.

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