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Kohana v3.1.0 Released!
  • I'm pleased to announce the general availability of Kohana v3.1.0. This is a major API changing version, so you must migrate existing applications to it if you wish to use it for existing applications. It is not API compatible!

    1. Download
    2. Changes
    3. Userguide

    Also note that this release will mark the start of end of support for 3.0.x. This means that in six months, 3.0.x will not get any more bug fix releases. When 3.2.0 is released (summerish 2011), 3.0.x will no longer be supported. 3.1.x will be supported for one year after it's release (3.3.0 will mark the end of support for 3.1.x).

    Also, there's an upgrade/migration guide here. It includes most of the big stuff, although there's probably some small stuff that's not in there. Suggestions welcome for additions. Please fork the userguide and file an issue about it.

  • Wonderful!

  • Thanks to everyone that helped make this release possible. The community involvement in developing 3.1 has been great!

  • Thank you kohana team, going to download it now. :)

  • Great news! Congrats.

  • Great work guys. What's the timeline for the outstanding bugs in 3.1.0 though?

    E.g. http://dev.kohanaframework.org/issues/3689

  • Bugs will be prioritized like all other bugs. Most 3.0.x bugs also apply to 3.1.x as well.

  • Thanks for the hard work, everyone! Very happy to see the request/response changes and much more, but every bit counts!

  • @zombor Whats the best way to help out with this? Obviously I've submitted a bug report, but should I be doing something on Github to provide patches, etc?

  • @rowanparker: You can submit a pull request for your for your proposed fix. Make sure to reference the request on the Redmine issue.

  • Yes, if you'd like to fix bugs, send a pull request and link it on the ticket. Make sure you follow the development procedures (all bug fixes need unit tests).

  • @rowanparker - I hadn't noticed that bug was assigned to me! Its been fixed in the 3.1/develop branch for release with 3.1.1


  • I thought that with the release of 3.1 we will see the new website design too :)

  • @feketegy - Kohana devs always favor content over container. Code releases always come first. That is the way of Kohana. It's one of the reasons I chose Kohana. If you favor the opposite, Codeignitor might be a better alternative since they have a beautiful site and wonderful documentation, but code enhancements don't come out so often.

  • I thought that with the release of 3.1 we will see the new website design too :)

    Me too, but no. :( Back on topic!

  • Woohoo! Thanks! :)

  • Thanks guys for the hard work!

  • EXCITING! Thanks the developer team for all their efforts!

  • Great news! Thank you! First scary migration ahead :D

  • Great work <3 Kohana :)

  • Regarding the web site, I was also hoping for a launch with 3.1 - unfortunately time and resources meant this was not achievable. I would be surprised if it doesn't appear for 3.2 in the summer.

  • What is the main difference from 3.0.x and what causes incompatibility with previous version ?

  • @Satisfaction oh my god, are you serious? Are you really a Kohana developer?! Did you or did you not read zombor's first post? He gave changes link and even a tutorial link on how to migrate from 3.0.x.

  • I don't understand the versions. 3.1.0 is out and 3.0.10 is not out? What is with the bugs/feature in 3.0.10? confused

    3.1.0 is not affected by the bugs in 3.0.10?

  • Brilliant work guys! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • @Daijobou It is Kohana's new Release Strategy.

    Just because we have 3.0.9 doesn't mean we have to keep counting up to infinity. Basically 3.0.X have no API changes so you ought to be safer when upgrading. 3.1.X will have API changes.

    Edit: regarding bugs inheritence, read zombor's post a few posts above you.

  • Thank you for 3.1!

  • Thanks guys, this is awesome news!

    I am so glad I made the transition to Kohana over a year ago and I am super happy with the commitment you put into this!

  • Great news! Thanks for all the hard work! You, guys, are awesome! :)

  • I have problems with ORM with this release, while RC2 worked just fine. Now it ignores $_table_name propriety or maybe overwritten by plural model name.

    class Model_User extends ORM
        public $_table_name = 'xusers';

    throws an error Database_Exception [ 0 ]: [1146] Table 'dev_db.users' doesn't exist ( SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM users ). what i true, but it should be looking in xusers table.

    Any one else having this issue?

  • At last! :)

  • Great work everyone, getting ready to move our CMS to 3.1 right now.

    Just one quick question, is there a reason why Pagination is no longer packaged with the ZIP? DId this move somewhere?

    (Sorry in advance, haven't had the time to completely review the changelog just yet)

  • @xrado, No issues here. Can you provide your complete model? Are you sure there isn't caching or something else that might have caused this? I can't reproduce it and we haven't changed anything related to that between RC2 and the final release.

  • @Isaiah, I found the problem. ORM module now also contains Model_User for Auth i think. My module was loaded after ORM thats way my never got loaded. RC2 did not have all that auth thing under the ORM.

  • @xrado, glad to hear you figured it out :)

  • another thing... cookie session is still not working (native works fine). Cookie never get written. I'm just nagging, sorry :) ...otherwise like Kohana better with each release!

  • Have you double checked your cookie settings to make sure they are correct? Are cookies working at all? This sounds like a config issue to me.

  • Is there a decent guide to show how the new validation works? I can only see some validation examples related to ORM on the 3.1 guide.

    Edit Never mind, I'm an idiot :D http://kohanaframework.org/3.1/guide/kohana/security/validation

    Edit 2 Maybe not so much an idiot... Looks like that page is a mix of stuff as the ->callback() method no longer exists.


  • Hi guys

    I'm new here. This is my first week of learning Kohana. My question is, Does every time a new version is released, Is the documentation also updated?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Sorry I'm really new, Not yet very familiar with the docs. I guess I found the docs and yes it is updated.

    Okay no need to reply.

  • Is there a decent guide to show how the new validation works? I can only see some validation examples related to ORM on the 3.1 guide.

    For validation it's actually easier to follow the migration guide which has an example that is up to date.

    Edit 2 Maybe not so much an idiot... Looks like that page is a mix of stuff as the ->callback() method no longer exists.

    Yea, some stuff seems to have been updated, while some hasn't. It does say at the top, "This page needs to be reviewed for accuracy by the development team. Better examples would be helpful." so I'm guessing it'll be updated soon. Although not sure if that was before or after your post.

    Is filter completely removed? http://dev.kohanaframework.org/issues/2705 If I need to say trim a field, should I just do it directly on the field with regular php now?

  • I use a groups of rules like:

    protected $_rules = array(
    'username' => array('not_empty' => NULL, 'min_length' => array(':field', 4), 'max_length' => array(':field', 32), 'alpha_dash' => array(TRUE))
    $array = Validate::factory($post)->rules('username', $this->_rules['username']);

    Now validation fails like:

    "Argument 3 passed to Validation::rule must be an array, integer given.

    Am I doing something wrong according to new version?

  • Is filter completely removed?


    If I need to say trim a field, should I just do it directly on the field with regular php now?

    Yep. If you are using ORM, there's ways in ORM to do filters as well.

  • config/session.php

    return array(
        'cookie' => array(
            'name' => 'scookie',
            'encrypted' => TRUE,
            'lifetime' => 432000,


    Cookie::$salt = 'secret';
    $session = Session::instance('cookie');

    "test" cookie gets written, but "scookie" never. Am i missing something?

  • @xrado Do you have mcrypt enabled? I think I have seen that scenario recently. Try to use not encrypted first and see if the session cookie gets written.

  • strange... after changing 'encrypted' => FALSE session cookie get written, but encrypted, changing back to TRUE again cookie don't written. I have mcrypt enabled.

  • Short question: What happened to the pagination module in 3.1?

  • It's removed from the core download. You can still get it from github. We removed it because it's semi-neglected, and has no tests.

  • Is there any reason why the trim filter was removed? Any recommendations on how we can trim all of our post stuff efficiently with $_POST data and ORM? I see there is a filters() method, can we do something in there?

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