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Native driver for Oracle/Ms Sql Server
  • Kohana 3.0x is the most comfortable web development framework I ever met. But there is a big issue on database driver. Even there is PDO driver for all. Piratically ,the PDO is not serious driver for production. For most serious application, the database as Oracle /Ms Sql server are chooses.

    I think the native driver and stabilized API is key to deploy Kohana serious as standard development for Enterprise. It's more important than release new version. Please kindly considering my thoughts.

    Thanks and best regards.

  • The beauty of kohana is that if something isn't there, then you can add it. Were you volunteering? :)

  • In fact, I use Postgresql on hand application and modified some code on https://github.com/cbandy/kohana-postgresql.

    The modification may not compatible with standard Kohana database.

    The key reason is that, Kohana use the way of mysql to return id on insert. But Postgresql/Oracle/Ms Sql is not working that way. I could contribute my code, but will conflict with kohana-postgresql standard released.

    I don't know how to manage this and contribute for others in such case. They are not compatible.

    I am working for a big company of FR, and we are using Oracle as main database. The PHP is only custom application standard and another Framework. In my experience, Ko3 exceeds in every aspect but lacks of Driver for Oracle. Or else I could recommend KO3 as development standard.

    In fact, in the real world, database other than Mysql is bigger. There are restriction on connection to Oracle db for application. Even I could not touch it. If I have a project to use Oracle, I will present Oracle driver to the community.

  • My suggestion is intended to push KO3 to the market. In fact, KO3.0.x is good enough. But the database is the key, and deserves efforts.

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