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Full-Time ko3 Position
  • Hello all. We have a fairly large and complex site for a non-profit built with ko3 and MongoDB using @Wouter's Mango. It's heavy on user-submitted content and has a very advanced Google Maps integration to allow a grass-roots approach to "adopting" different streets and geographic areas.

    It all works, but the non-profit has additional needs that my existing team doesn't have the time to handle. We are looking for a full-time developer to handle the ko3-based site, but also to handle other things they need (conference registration system; integration between their ecommerce system, ko3 users, and donor management system; new features on the website; etc.). The position will work under our direction and oversight (since the client, while full of amazing people, often don't really know what they really want or how to communicate it to a programmer), but will exclusively be working on this specific client. We've worked with this client for about 5 or 6 years, so this should be considered a long-term position.

    Desired skills include:

    • Kohana 3, of course
    • MongoDB + @Wouter's Mango
    • Solid javascript and jQuery knowledge with AJAX or JSONP experience
    • At least a little basic CSS and HTML
    • Git. (Seriously, if you aren't handy with Git you'll probably have major issues getting up to speed.)
    • Vanilla2 forum experience, if possible

    What is not important: * Being a native English speaker is not important. If you're English is at least good enough to understand and respond to this job posting, you're probably fine. * Spoken English is not important at all. * Timezone doesn't matter.

    To be up front: We're looking for a developer in a country where the cost of living is lower than in the US, as we realistically do not have the budget for a US-based programmer.

    Interested? Please email me for details! Thanks for your time.

  • Dangit, sorry. I tried to make sure I was posting in the right place, but obviously missed that. Should I delete this thread or leave it? Perhaps a sticky in this category would be worthwhile?

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Haaa you can safely assume that anybody who can grasp object orientated PHP concepts will be fluent (X)HTML / css.

  • You'd be surprised..

  • @Jack I wouldn't bet on that at all

  • I wouldn't have put it in there if I didn't see so many great programmers writing tables and font tags :)

  • Nothing wrong with tables used for tabular data ;-)

  • Exactly xenakis.

    Meh, would be proper awkward meeting a developer who can't write HTML / CSS / JS (using some sort of library). Yeh it's client side but it's not exactly hard haha.

  • Meh, would be proper awkward meeting a developer who can't write HTML / CSS / JS (using some sort of library). Yeh it's client side but it's not exactly hard haha.

    Just because it's easy doesn't stop people being lazy :)

  • I have a living example next to me that can't do HTML/CSS/JS but can very well do back-end PHP.

  • having been involved in the hiring process in our company recently, I have been amazed at what passes as 'php developer' or 'front-end developer' recently!

    BTW, we're hiring too if you want a job in London, Sheffield or Liverpool please look at http://www.kohanajobs.com/jobs/191 ;)

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