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Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded - Godaddy windows shared hosting server
  • i have created small application using Kohana 3.1 and uploaded to Godaddy Windows shared hosting server. its works fine, but not consistent. some time it give execution timeout error.

    ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

    SYSPATH\classes\kohana\core.php [ 667 ] - this line number has been changed every time.

    Is there any specific restriction with window servers.

  • Could it be, that their server is too crowded?

    I've noticed on a windows laptop, with a fairly slow HDD, the API browser of userguide module displayed similar error, which I tracked down to menu items generation, that used Kohana::find_file() many times.

  • Is there already a solution for this problem? Can't you set this time to more then 30 seconds?

  • Can you reproduce the problem on linux? :)

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