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Hi from Holland
  • Hi guys, Just signed up for the forums & dropping my first lines here. Came here from Zend, was so frustrated that I tried to build my own framework, then discovered I suffered from not-invented-here-syndrome, then tried Yii and finally ended up at Kohana! It's superclean & readable & just the way I would have done it (if I had the time :)

    I think I'll be using it and introducing it at my company (and bugging you with questions no doubt)


  • Welcome and thanks.

  • Hi Mtn, welcome here! Have fun while using Kohana, and don't forget to enjoy the weather outside (I'm dutch as well, so I know how nice it is :-))...!

  • Welcome @mtn. In my opinion, Kohana's 3.1 docs are a bit weak and confusing, but the framework is fantastic and lightweight. I think you'll also want to read up on something called "helpers", which I only just discovered today. (I'm new, too.)

    As well, I also wrote my own MVC framework over a period of years, but unfortunately it was not well liked by some clients (I'm a freelancer) who had a senior PHP guy on board, and it was not well liked by other team mates. Not that my custom MVC framework sucked, but these other guys liked sticking to a standard. So, I decided to learn Kohana because a lot of guys were super-excited by CodeIgniter, and Kohana is a better fork of CodeIgniter (and then improved and rewritten beyond that now).

  • @willemmuler: Yeah, I will (and have). The sun keeps on coming!

    @jack_indigo: the 3.1 docs aren't that bad (especially for the basic concepts); the problem is that when you're Googling for something and you think "YES, that's exactly what I'm looking for", you end up in the 2.x docs :)

    It is compelling to write your own framework (it looks like everybody has had a go at it some point or another) but in the end it's easier to have something that has allready been thought out and caters to 90% of the use-cases. And clients get afraid of vendor lock-in when you say you've got your own. Like you said

  • Haay mtn, also a welcome from the Netherlands. And working with kohana is for me thinking about the problem and the solution not the framework!

  • @mtn I recommend that every senior dev try to write their own MVC framework at least once, and suffer the abuse on http://forums.devnetwork.net/ in order to learn how to improve it, just to understand optimal ways of doing things. And then come back to Kohana. ;) And even better, come back to Kohana and help improve it.

  • Welkom! Ik denk dat er hier heel wat nederlandstaligen verblijven. :)

  • Dat kan best kloppen.

    Share and enjoy

  • He Darsstar, leuk dat jij ook Nederlands bent :-)

  • Dat klopt zeker :)

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