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How to communicate with a Kohana programmer
  • Hi there, I'm new here. I used to work as a webdesigner, but not as a programmer. Now I'm planning to have an interactive website on my own and I would like to let it program by a php professional. For this purpose I already introduced my plans to a php programmer with ten years of work experience. She recommanded me Kohana for my project. So, I just believe in what she told me. Now my question is, how can I communicate properly with my programmer? And how can we work together in a team? I would like to do the design (css, html) after she has done the php. What kind of information does she need? She already talked about a function list. And how do I get my CSS into her PHP afterwards? Is it useful for me to have a basic knowledge about Kohana? And what exactly shall I learn to establish a good teamwork?

  • Hello and welcome.

    You may want to discuss which templating system is going to be used, that is to avoid mixing PHP and HTML code. Options are native Kohana views or a number of 3rd party systems, Mustache (via @zombor's Kostache module) is particularly popular among Kohana users.

    The workflow generally depends on whether you're going to do the templates yourself or leave it in programmer hands.

    Doing it yourself:

    • You need to learn template language. Most of them are just HTML with more or less bits of extra something. in addition to that, most templating systems can have some sort of hierarchy, i.e. you have a 'base template' with basic HTML outline and placeholders to insert other items, such as main page content, menus, etc, which are also templates and may include further sub-templates.
    • Your work is almost completely independent with your programmer's, she'll just need to know what data exactly should be displayed on each page.

    Leaving it to programmer:

    • You create HTML bundle as you would do normally, with some sample data and maybe comments here and there, and then just hand it to the programmer.
    • Programmer would have to analyze HTML code of your pages and figure how to optimally design templates. You may need to communicate further about various details as the progress goes on.

    I guess, that's the very basics, but it's some starting point for you :)

  • Why do you not discuss these questions with your programmer? I think, she's the best who knows what she needs ... :-)

  • If you can provide html, with or without the css, for all the pages you want there is not much communication needed. She will display the content and add interactivity.

  • To add to the above points, I would learn about 'flexibility' of your design.

    For example, with the CMS you will probably be able to add as many pages as you want. How will your design handle that? Maybe you as a designer want to have a dedicated graphic button for HOME and one for WEBSHOP, but if there are 10 pages in the site, how can the CMS know where to put that fancy button? When the title is 'home'? And where should it place it? On a fixed place, or right next to the previous page?

    And what will happen when the user inserts a lot of content? Is the page fluid? Or does it have a fixed height?

    These are all things you need to think about! In orther words: think as if you were using the CMS (and if you haven't: try one out!) and then imagine how that reflects in how the design should be structured...

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