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Hello from michigan
  • Hello,

    I just wanted to introduce myself. First about me: My name is Corbin I am a Software Engineering student about to enter my second year(kinda as I changed majors 1.5 years in) I started with PHP at 14 and soon discoved Adobe Flex 3. I have developed a few PHP & Flex applications mostly for businesses in my local area. I also run a few websites for some small business if you would like to check out my website I will post a link below. It like most of the other sites I run is build on DotNetNuke(I know boo hiss). This is actually most of my reason for coming to Kohana. I have tried many times to get my clients to move to other CMS like Joomla or drupel but they don't like the interface of anything I have tried. This is mostly because other CMS do content -> page where as DotNetNuke is page to -> content.(like concrete which was ruled out for other options). Anyway about a year ago I began working on my own CMS in php to integrate this kind of a design in PHP (with some other improvements as well). I started developing my own framework(had no taste for Zend or Cake) until a friend suggested Code Igniter. I feel in love for about a week until I ran into issues with extendablitly (any good CMS needs modules) well a google of this issue obviously lead me to a very old post about the original Kohana fork. As soon as I began reading the user guide I could tell it was everything I liked about CI only better. Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know how I got hear (I'm sure it is actually very boring but well if you kept reading this long that's your fault lol). I will be sure to post a more detailed explanation of what I see my CMS as being at some point. Before that happens I will most likely release some modules for Kohana that will build up the features of my CMS.