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Hello from Russia
  • Greetings from the sunny shores of the Black Sea. ;) We are a team of programmers, who successfully developed on Kohana over 1.5 years. Make big and interesting projects in this framework. Specialize in higload and SEO projects. Always willing to cooperate and exchange experiences. Look at our website http://www.webparadox.com/

  • Greetings! =]

    The design of your web site looks awesome! Do you have any open-source code of Kohana 3.1 (for example, on GitHub)? I'm looking for live-examples so I can learn it better.

  • Thanks :) Only kohana debug toolbar module for Doctrine

  • Welcome seocoder!

  • Our latest product writen on kohana http://imajao.com/

  • Hi, contact us - we will try to help your questions on the kohana

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