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  • Due to a recent spate of spam bot attacks, this forum currently requires one of the moderators to approve every new registration to the site. As part of the registration process you must enter a short statement regarding why you wish to join the forum. To guarantee access, please ensure you do the following;

    • Write a short statement that explains clearly your intentions for joining.
    • Keep the statement to one sentence.

    Any statement the moderators cannot understand or does not clearly state the intentions for joining will be rejected.

  • This seems really bad for the community. You guys should really look into just stopping the bots in a less awkward way.

  • I know and appreciate your sentiment. This is due to Vanilla v2 being rather crap at dealing with this problem. We are investigating other options at the moment as not being able to stop Bots is a pretty basic function of any half decent forum.

    In the meantime we ask for everyones patience.

  • Use phpBB.

  • Doesn't phpBB use symphony?

  • The development version of phpBB is, https://github.com/phpbb/area51, but not the stable one.

    @daGrevis I think it's harder to move the forum to phpBB than to add a spam solution to vanilla.

  • We definitely ARENT going to use phpBB. No way in hell, just on principle.

  • Then create your own forum. As I said... or let someone else create it.

  • Why would we create our own forum? There's no problem with vanilla 2. Maybe you forgot you posted your message, and it showed up ;)

  • I just remembered what we were talking about... But samsoir said that Vanilla (or whatever) is crap; + problems with bots.

    I suggested:

    • Use phpBB (no, because of religion),
    • Code-up your own forum (in my opinion, you can leave it to community; core developers don't need to do it);
  • I've no problem with how we manage signups right now. It takes literally 5 seconds out of my day to check.

  • I think the issue is rather with problems that users might have with the signup process.

    Personally I'd welcome a forum that was a lot faster than this one (wow it's slow to load sometimes), but that's another issue ...

  • And I want forum that have the same design as kohanaframework.org.

  • Jeepers, this is going to be the new "someone should improve the docs" thread. @daGrevis, there is nothing stopping you putting together a team and building a kohana based forum system and a deployment with a design consistent with the new kf site - I'm sure (presuming it was stable and appropriately featured) the guys would welcome that. Or, since vanilla is oss, contributing improvements to make the user signup more spambot proof.

  • or indeed building a vanilla skin that looks like kf.org - ISTR the current timesheet was contributed by someone.

  • And all of this is off topic now. Please discuss this topic in a new thread.

  • We're humans. The bots aren't smarter than us. :p

  • Isn't a captcha for registration just a logical way of dealing this? And fast commenting would also just ask for a captcha also?

  • Have to admit, the kohana forums running on a forum built with kohana would be pretty awesome.

  • @Eclipse, it would be awesome - especially the amount of time someone would have to spend on writing it ;)

  • But just think of all the fun they would have! ;)

  • I could have sworn I saw a reCaptcha plugin for Vanilla2

  • I see no problem with it. I just signed up and I wasn't bugged. I actually liked telling others why i wanted to join.

  • Just to give some context as to why it is important to be clear, this is what the moderators have to deal with at the moment…



    There are obvious spammers in that list trying to join. However it's the more ambiguous messages that are harder to decipher. If I have any doubt, I decline. Although this isn't perfect and probably is turning away legitimate users, it does prevent this forum from being spammed. Hopefully our new authentication process will be live soon and this will be a non-issue.

    This is why it is important to be clear and concise - oh and mention Kohana by name helps too :-)

  • I take it you approved Theoribiorrig, who makes a good point about "Talking in the matter of the lives of actresses, models and singers can be more exiting and is aid removed from your reality" ;)

  • @samsoir: it seems that the "mark all viewed" functionality is missing, it was really useful for me...

  • zombor, maybe twisting what you say a little but your "There's no problem with vanilla 2" comment seems odd when there is a problem with spam that software can fix, the most obvious place to put this fix is in vanilla.

    A quick fix for now would be to change "Why do you want to join?" to "Please enter a sane reason for why you would like to join for spam prevention measures" as it is a little less direct and is likely to not put people off signing up because they understand the reason behind why you are asking this.

  • I did feel like I might get denied if I didn't give the right answer but I had not read this post yet either. Thank you moderators for the approval and for going through all that junk like in the image posted by samsoir.

  • and some anti spam solution? reCAPTCHA? akismet? It worked good for me.

    Anyway great work guys and thanks ;)

  • I had no problem with the signup process. It really isn't difficult to clearly state what your intentions are in a concise mannor. :)

  • @codeBunny - You would be surprised just how difficult it is ;)

    I recently added a note to the registration page:

    "This is an anti-spam measure. Please be concise, mention Kohana and preferably write in English."

    Yet - many of the likely to be real applicants still do not mention Kohana. At this stage, I accept for reject the majority without ever reading the message. The spammers (lately) have been very obvious thankfully :)

  • @kiall can you go into any detail of why you are being spammed?

  • @Akki - I don't have any examples handy (they have all been rejected!), but its usually either random link-free sentences that plain and simple make no sense, or, a whole pile of links to dating/porn/drug sites... Samsoir's photos above have some more examples..

  • @kiall do the bots bypass recaptcha? If I'm not mistaken is available by default for vanilla2, as long as you configure it (api key, etc).

  • The forums are behind CloudFlare now, which detects some threats and automatically rejects them or challenges them with a captcha. This has reduced some of the spam, but we still get some every day. I rejected about 4-5 today.

  • I can't understand why a simple captcha doesn't work for this, even for me thay are very hard sometimes.
    And also, @codeBunny is obviously a bot.

  • Don't take it bad @codeBunny, it was a compliment, there aren't nice girls in this HMVC world ;)

  • @enridp you sure you're not confusing the Kohana forums with match.com? ;)

  • Let me know @codeBunny's signup statement and I'll feed it into my special algorithm to determine between:




  • You are nice too @kiall don't be jealous ( just a joke don't ban me :( )

  • I love Kohana. Thanks to everybody.

  • I have a spare licence both of xenforo and vbulletin, do you want me to donate it to kohana?

  • Ummm...why? Vanilla is good.

  • Ah, ok. I read the thread quickly and tough you where in trouble with vanilla =)

  • There is no problem with this method to join community for me. It's ok.

  • To post new topic and replies you should keep Captcha. If not form will again spammed :-)

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