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Announcing Kacela for Gacela ORM
  • I'm pleased to announce the general availability of Gacela ORM and the Kohana module, Kacela for interfacing with it.

    Gacela is written by Lendio's own Noah Goodrich (@gabriel1836) as a data mapper ORM solution that resolves the frustrations of the active record approach.

    Gacela Features:

    • Data mapper
    • Foreign key mapping
    • Association mapping*
    • Dependent mapping
    • Concrete table inheritance
    • Query object
    • Metadata mapping
    • Lazy & eager loading
    • Full Cache support**

    Other ORM solutions are too bloated or have burdensome limitations when developing anything remotely complicated. Kacela resolves the limitations of the active record approach by implementing the Data Mapper Pattern while keeping bloat to a minimum by using PDO for all interactions with the DB and memcache.

    At this point Kacela is in a beta state, but stable. Please post issues on Github.

    Github repos:

    (*) Currently being implemented

    (**) There is presently a bug with the Kohana_Cache_Memcache driver where replace() is not used properly. There is a bug report on dev.kohanaframework.org. In the meantime a fix has been implemented in my own 3.1/develop branch of the Kohana_Cache which is available at https://github.com/gabriel1836/cache

  • Looks interesting and possibly similar to what we had planned for the next ORM. Will take a closer look soon, thanks :)

  • Looks very interesting will defiantly be giving it a try this weekend

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