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Poll: What PHP framework are you using?
  • I am currently conducting research for my final year project I would be grateful if you filled out a 1 question in the link below. It will only take 5 seconds to complete!


    Thanks in advance!
  • It would be nice if it would be a multiple choice survey...
  • It would be nice if I could see the damn results.
  • damn results!!!
  • @Akki, My bet is everyone has picked Kohana ... this being asked to Kohana forum members.
  • @Colonel-Rosa he has posted this at a lot of places so the results should be interesting. http://www.google.co.in/search?&amp;q=Poll:+What+PHP+framework+are+you+using?
  • @ashishpadave so this poll will show activity on that forums )
  • @SET no its a common survey. so users from all forums will vote there and the cumulative results will be avail if @rjm decides to share it with us
  • Call me paranoid but having the poll show results at the last second seems suspicious to me. If this just ends overly biased towards any one framework the results were rigged and this is just a crappy advertising stunt.
  • The results:

    Framework Percentage Count
    Codeigniter 17.40% 190
    I have developed my own framework that I am using 14.20% 156
    Kohana 11.20% 123
    I'm a PHP developer but do not use any frameworks 11.10% 121
    Zend Framework 10.70% 117
    Fuel 7.50% 82
    Cake PHP 7.30% 80
    Symfony 7.00% 77
    Yii 5.10% 56
    Nette 4.60% 50
    Other -----1 37
    Flourish 0.60% 7
    Prado 0.50% 6
    Alloy 0.50% 5
    Qcodo 0.50% 5
    Agavi 0.40% 4
    Scritpcase 0.30% 3
    EZ Compononents 0.20% 2
    Fat Free 0.20% 2
    Simple PHP framework 0.20% 2
    Adroit 0.10% 1
    Lithium 0.10% 1
    QPHP 0.10% 1
    Recess 0.10% 1
    Seagull 0.10% 1
    Slim 0.10% 1
    ZOOP 0.10% 1
  • Interesting to see that Kohana surpassed Zend Framework... but I don't buy it :)

    And also love that FuelPHP is getting traction
  • hard to believe.. ;)
  • > hard to believe.. ;)

  • @Akki, that's because it is not a poll of what framework is used the most ;)
  • I pity those poor 121 souls who haven't discovered frameworks yet...

  • @Dave Stewart - evolution is a kinda slow thing

  • You should always be using a framework first.

  • This might be of interest (feel free to edit the keywords to sway the graph in favour your chosen framework ;) )


  • @Dave Stewart That's more like it...

  • Hehe, I'm just trying out Haxe (haxe.org) wich compiles to php, neko, c++, js, flash (c# and java coming). Php with strong typing, generics, enums, macros... :-) Ufront is a young framework with .net mvc-flavour - yummy!

  • I'm currently working with symfony1.4 and Symfony2 projects, and my opinion on it is, these frameworks are complete packages in that they provide a robust solution to most of your problem. I find them to be way more advanced and complete than ko. The only downside is they are really complex and finding a solution once you hit a wall is not as simple as doing it with kohana, which is a breeze by just reading the source code. Also nothing beats the cascading filesystem, so I suggest you cherish and embrace it ;) That is the number one feature I miss about Ko.

  • I think Symfony is another league. It is specifically developed for large web dev. teams.

  • It's definetly another league when you can automagically generate all your models, forms, validation, templates, controllers, actions, etc from a mere definition like:

        is_admin:         { type: boolean, notnull: true, default: 0 }

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