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kohana cli installer
  • I wanted to speed up the whole process of installing Kohana, so I tried shadowhand's kohana-installer, and I think it's good, the only problem is I dislike that it is a bash script (which I can sorta read and write but it gets too cryptic,) and it also doesn't support installing kohana by downloading the zip file from the website :(

    So I created a script that will do that, and also fix the permissions on all the new files so you can start developing locally right away without the usual permission problems (it doesnt change the permissions on dirs that already exist.) It also supports installing kohana through Github, if you prefer a new git repo ready to go with kohana installed as submodules.

    I pretty much got the inspiration from the Symfony2's bin/vendors installer.

    Full instructions are at https://github.com/goyote/kohana-installer

    Installing kohana should now be as easy as typing ko install

  • Looks good @goyote nice work on the documentation as well, I'll be trying it out later on. Plenty of options too which I think is the biggest problem with building an installer for the 'public' everyone has their own way of setting things up.

    Bash scripts aren't too tricky once you get stuck in :) very useful though I'm slowly building a collection to make things like setting up vhosts and keeping geoip databases up to date easier (https://github.com/createdbypete/server-scripts).

    Nice job.

  • Thanks. The options are definitely important, so I made sure all commands supported at the very least --name, --path and --mode.

    I agree, bash scripting is fun once you get the hang of it, but for flow logic like if statements and similar logic like parsing the value of a string I much prefer PHP, plus I like the oop. This "ko" script, if you look into it, actually uses the command line heavily to get most of the work done.

    I also like the idea you hinted of automating the vhost, I'd like to see a script on that.

  • I created a video tutorial: http://youtu.be/PgdQR_uPm0s?hd=1 that shows a quick example.

    I also added a new command called "config", that pretty much installs all the packages needed by the server to run Kohana, e.g. ko config --distro=centos6. It's meant to give you full green bars when running the install.php file.

  • You have been busy, nice work. Anything else planned?

  • No more plans at the moment, it already does what I want :) I can see adding support for other distros in the future e.g. ubuntu once someone opens a ticket, but at it's core, it's simply an easy way to install kohana, nothing more. I may end up improving the "fix" command, which fixes some of kohana's shitty defaults. There's already a project template done by synapse studios which does this just fine, so I might just move on to something else.

  • Looks good. Thanks.

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