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New CMS Module for Kohana
  • I've finally had the time to rename my CMS module for Kohana and release the next version. Read more here!

    The code will be moving to Github in the coming months so look forward to that. Until then, you can downloaded from the link above. Enjoy and let me know what you'd like to see changed or added.

  • Thank you, aromen! I'll check it out!

  • Really like the way this is going, keep up the good work!

  • woooow... this looks great, hmm.. but i've got this error in kohana

    ErrorException [ Notice ]: Undefined property: Request::$action

  • @aroemen and @fredkohana

    KMS is definitely Kohna 3.0 in it's current state! (I also tried first in 3.1, of course.) Should be clearly stated on the Kooshy site.

  • got it :-)

  • I'm in on the admin pages now. Very elegant!

  • @cambiata

    Yes, it is only compatible with v3.0 at this time. It is listed in the requirements, but I will make it stand out a little more so that people do not get confused. I will be looking to move it to 3.1 after the code is up on Github. I started developing this prior to the 3.1 release. Any usability feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • @aroemen: What I've seen so far seems great! I really like the concept, with chunks, lists, variables etc. I can't find the template shortcode for displaying the content, though... Some default templates to study/choose from would be great! Keep it up! Looking forward to a Github version to fork!

  • @cambiata: the shortcode for content is [[v*content]]. Also when editing the content, the variable names are listed next to the titles. I should probably make that a little clearer on that page.

  • Is there any chance Kooshy will be updated to be compatible with Kohana version 3.2? Can't wait for it!

  • imo it doesn't make sense to change kooshy to be ko3.2 compatible... due to the "excellent" release schedule of Kohana, the next major BC breaker release is almost out -.-

  • @pastoro & @Crystal Kooshy was brought in house by 44 Interactive ( and is being developed internally. It has since been ported to 3.2 and is continually being improved. 44 Interactive may be release a version of it down the line, but that may not be until sometime in 2012.

    It will be moved to the latest release of Kohana when it is officially released.

  • aham.. and do you plan to port it to 3.3 at the end of this year and 3.4 in the middle of 2012 too? ;)

  • @Crystal yeah...why wouldn't we continue to keep up with Kohana releases? The big question we have right now is when and how to release it to the public. That will probably come in 2012.

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