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Active Widgets
  • Is there an active widget implementation for Kohana? Not sure if that has the same meaning to everybody, I am talking about generating controls for web forms with auto-generated client-side javascript? Basically like .NET for PHP?

    Yii (and Prado before it) has the best implementation of this I have seen for PHP: is there a freestanding one that can be used with Kohana?

    Any help gratefully received before I start writing my own...

  • I haven't seen it for Kohana yet, I'd also like to see this in Kohana, would seem like a nice addition. I've only found a topic on this forum dating back from 2009 and no result of it.

    What kinds of features would you be implementing? and would it be meant for Kohana views only? or also Mustache/Smarty ?

  • Definately not for PHP views only - my current template engine of preference is Twig, but I am a long-term Smarty fan too.

    However I am not sure that there is going to be much need for template engine specific helpers - I think that all the settings will be done in (view)models with rendering just a matter of invoking __toString() methods

    I guess the key feature I want is making it easier to write and maintain forms using [insert favourite js widget library here - probably jQueryUI but possibly Dojo] without having to maintain and test PHP and JavaScript in both AJAX and fall-back submit modes.

    Hmmm, not sure that makes sense. I think I need a proof of concept...

  • maybe you could extend formo to do this.

  • +jqueryui, make it happen ;)

  • I have looked at formo and I am not sure it gives me much of a head start - what I am doing is mainly about javascript and AJAX. I think it could sit alongside or be ported into formo fairly easily though.

    jQueryUI is what I am working with :)

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