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cronjob with Kohana
  • Hello

    I have a server with ubuntu I want to run a cron job which runs the method "index" of the controller "updater" one time per minute or one time per day, not sure yet.

    I have VERY basic knowledge in linux, and I don't know what to do. I have read that with kohana is very easy to do a cronjob, but I don't understand how.

    VERY IMPORTANT: I don't even know how to find where php is in my server... and if I do php in the console I get The program 'php5' is currently not installed.

    Can someone explain to me how to do a cronjob as I was a 5 years old child? Thank you very much :)

  • By the way, I use Kohana 3.0

  • i would do it like this:
    type crontab -e
    append a line like this:
    56 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -O - -q -t 1 >/dev/null 2>&1
    and save the file. Thats once an [email protected] minutes btw.

  • omg That's so perfect thank you very much :)

    That command is chinese for me, but it works like a charm :)

  • Don't do that. You can call it with index.php on the command line.

    php index.php --uri=<whatever-it-is>

    Don't use curl or wget on the command line.

  • better dont use external url can be acccessed from web

  • VERY IMPORTANT: I don't even know how to find where php is in my server

    whereis php say path to php

  • Well, it's not important if it's possible to access this from the web... so I will use the external url anyway :)

    Medar... I did that command and this is the response:


    Thank you guys, you are the best :)

  • I followed instructions I found here (and on several other places) to use the following code for a cronjob:

    php index.php --uri=my_controller/my_method

    but it always brings me to the default controller of my website (the default route). I don't understand why. When I call the my_controller/my_method from a browser, it works fine.

    I also tried php index.php --uri="my_controller/my_method"

    with the same problematic result.

    I hope somebody on this forum can shed some light on it.

  • problem solved!

    I unintentionally started php as cgi instead of cli (/usr/bin/php versus /usr/local/bin/php) I found the answer here:

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