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PHPStorm + CodeSniffer: check Kohana coding style on-the-fly
  • Hi all!

    Guys, check out this feature:

    It will be availible at PHPStorm 4.0 which early release can be downloaded here

    PHP Codesniffer standard for the Kohana is still located at

    Right now I can't check out if this combination works (got a lot of stuff to do).

    So if someone would check it, thank you!

  • I'm sure when it's going to be important enough for you, you'll find the time to check it out yourself.

    If you don't care about it, don't you think we care even less about it. =P

  • Akki, you don't get the main idea!

    Today I accidentally found out very interesting feature. I wrote here not trying to persuade anyone (especially you) to check it for me. No. I wrote to share with everyone.

    In every my post you are looking for negative side, not positive. What's the problem with you?

  • So the thread is about the IDE?

  • Thanks for sharing :) Still have to give PHPStorm a good look. It has got some really nice features which i really enjoyed in visual studio(c#) but have to do without in eclipse(php).

    Last time i gave it a chance was on Windows and i hated that PHPStorm didn't used the OS native file browser. Thinks like mounted network drive where not accessible. But as i mentioned i still have to give it a real chance.

  • Does storm support PHP5.4 at the moment?

  • @Akki The current version (3.0) doesn't support PHP 5.4 but version 4.0 (which is what @rsukhar is talking about) will. You can see more information about this on their roadmap.

  • <troll>Why does an editor need to support a specific version of a language?</troll>

  • @zombor

    Currently PHP5.4 is a labeled as so called "stable". Since this is a payed editor I wanted to know if it's at least keeping up better then the free editors out there (some of which do support 5.4 already). Also it's support of the language, in general, is much more important then it's support for X, Y, Z framework-helper-something.


    Thanks for the link.

  • @rsukhar that's interesting, thanks.

    Probably won't use that option though, not a big fan of "open/free; with strings attached". I mean, for example there, who doesn't have private projects? the agreement seems incredibly idealistic in that sense--can they sue me if I accidentally open a non-open source piece of code? Things like that, too many hoops and loose ends. Well I'm also someone who looks at a script to poll for file changes and run something as trivial...

    #!/usr/bin/env ruby
    # encoding: utf-8
    # coding: utf-8
    # rubygems
        require 'rubygems'
        required_gems = ['fssm']
        required_gems.each do |gem|
                Gem::Specification::find_by_name gem
                require gem
            rescue Gem::LoadError
                puts " Error. Try: gem install #{gem}"
        puts " Error. Try: gem update --system"
    # watch
    FSSM.monitor('.') do
        create do |relative_path, absolute_path|
            puts "#{absolute_path} created"
        update do |relative_path, absolute_path|
            puts "#{absolute_path} changed"
 none of it's features really impress me that much; don't mean that in a bad sense, basically they don't have anything I would need that everyone else doesn't have already.

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