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Route for Sub-folder controller
  • I've been struggling with this for a while with no success:

    Filename: \modules\echonest\classes\controller\artist\artist.php

    Class: class Controller_EchoNest_Artist extends Controller

    A) Have I got the Controller naming and location correct, and B) what should its route look like? Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Your class is named wrong. For that folder location it should be:

    class Controller_Artist_Artist extends Controller

    Or alternatively, change the filename so it is:


  • Thanks, rowanparker. Any thoughts on the route? I can't find an example of routing for a controller in a sub-folder in a module. I suspect it should be quite straightforward, but I'm not seeing the wood for the trees lately.

  • Route::set('name', 'foo/bar(/<action>)')->defaults(array('controller' => 'echonest_artist'));

  • Thank you! Got it.

    I have also found this:

    which may help others.

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