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Sentry - User authentication and authorisation
  • I decided to port over Sentry to Kohana, it's a nice library that handles users, their authentication, authorisation.

    This is still a work in progress but I managed to get some of the most necessary parts working already (namely user registration, activation, login, login throttler and password reset):

    I've created a little side module for Kohana as an examplary implementation that shows how to install Sentry, gives a little info and includes examples to get you started:

    The current install (through composer) will change once my pull request to the main Sentry codebase get approved.

    Sentry documentation can be found here:

    Any help and feedback is apreciated.

    On my to-do list:

    • Test out user groups and implement them in S4K
    • Test out permissions and implement them in S4K
  • Nice mate, will have a look through this today and see if I can help out in anyway.

  • Thanks buddy, I'm hoping to get a group manager commited by the time I got to bed and finish up permissions by the end of the week ^^

    Testing is what's most necessary or suggestions on what features should be implemented extra.

    **update - Got the group manager added, also there's no more need to alias the models

  • Woohoo, My pull request to Sentry got merged into their codebase.

    I updated my repo and installation instructions to simplify the setup process.

    Should I try to include a non-composer installation guide?

  • That's cool @happyDemon, excellent job. Why don't you update readme and docs to show Kohana support.

  • my S4K module shows you all the info on how you could install it in Kohana, I'll open up a ticket at Sentry so their developers can include it in their documentation

  • @happyDemon good stuff, thank you

  • Looks good... I have been using a different authentication module. Let me see how this goes. Thank you @happyDaemon

  • Thanks, I hope you'll use it.

    Sentry 3.0 is around the corner, I'm thinking of rewriting this module through a small tutorial series when 3.0 is stable and officially released.

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